The top is DONE!

I went up to my friend Jen’s today and we, sewed strips, squared blocks, ironed and stitched…block by block, row by row and the quilt top

We had so much fun:

We can’t quilt without our tea!

Room for two and and three and even four if necessary!

Next up, decide on a flannel for the backing.  If anyone does read my posts, have you ever used flannel for the backing and then machine quilted? What was your experience?

Now to square up my orange log cabin quilt, now that I know that the log cabin block is very forgiving!

Such a fun day I had with my friend Jen! We had a great time working together!


4 thoughts on “The top is DONE!”

  1. I had the greatest day and we work really welll together. It was a lot of fun, now how do we quilt it? We are open to any ideas out there.

    Good tea and good freinds go really well together!

  2. Looks verrry pretty.
    Why not get a scrap or FQ and back it with flannelette and try quilting it. I can’t see that it would be a problem – less bulk than batting. Pin it maybe 6″ apart?

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