Blogathon Canada November 19 -24, 2012

Have you heard about  Blogathon Canada? I have kept seeing it and it looks like it will be a fun romp through Canada’s creative countryside! I have put the button on my sidebar if you are interested! Go and check it out! Give aways daily and lots of inspiration! I hope to be linked up, but not sure what that entails and will let you know.

As for what is going on creatively….well, since Saturday I haven’t had time to make any headway on my projects….life as a teacher, correcting mid-terms won…but tonight we had our montly guild meeting but no pictures. I was inspired but not for any workshops.  I have so much on my plate, so I figured that I would make a UFO list that I want to finish BEFORE Christmas:


Jen and I have to get the backing and the batting and QUILT this baby!


I am ironing the strips and hoping to trace the images and start the embroidery tomorrow! (this will be a gift that needs to be done by 🙂


Getting this OFF the design wall = squaring up and sewing rows! Not sure which layout I will use yet.

I so want to finish these!

Link of the Day!

This is a repeat because Val Laird has posted her 1st pattern for her Seven Weeks of Christmas, a beautiful fan cushion.

I’m also linking up to The Needle and Thread Network!

Later gators!


7 thoughts on “Blogathon Canada November 19 -24, 2012”

  1. Hi Peggy,
    Thanks for joining the Blogathon. I can’t find your email so leaving this in a comment here. Thanks for adding the Blogathon Badge to your blog. That’s really about it!
    You could if you’d like do a post during the Blogathon but that is entirely up to you.
    Thanks and welcome!

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