Almost finished…


….basting that is…thread basting. I just have one last quarter to do, then go around the quilt….so long to do!


3 thoughts on “Almost finished…”

  1. Hi Peg…thanks for stopping by to comment on the Intertwined quilt. I really appreciate it. I am sure I have pictures somewhere of my frames….If you want to email me…I’ll have your address then; I will try to find one to send you. It took me just over 2 weeks to hand quilt the one in the post. I put a log cabin in on Tuesday…it is half quilted now.

  2. I’ve never seen anyone do thread basting before (except once on a video by someone or other). Have you done pin-basting? Do you think this is easier or harder to do? (I hate crawling around on the floor for pin-basting, and it’s hard on the hands, so I’m curious about alternate methods.)

  3. I just feel that the quilt won’t slide around as much with thread basting. I used my table but at my guild has a frame that we can put the frame on and baste, usually getting together for a threadbasting bee.

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