WIP for The Needlework and Thread Network

pye and embroidery 005

Yep, still working on my label.  I am using one strand of a dusty blue for the lettering and I like it.  It looks dainty.

I can’t wait until I finish this project! That is all I have to show because I showed you all what I did on Saturday.  I am still doing my journal quilt and enjoying it.  Deadlines!

Pye was found on top of his little house:

pye and embroidery 004

Ah to be a cat and not have to go to work tomorrow…but I wouldn’t sleep the day away! I would start the day with a run, then spend the rest of the day stitching away :).  Ah well…..double oh well!

I am linking up to the The Needle and Thread Network…go and check out my Canadian creative sisters.

Embroidery, Birds & a Cat

sharon label 002

So…I was looking through my library of quilting books and I found this!  I got it a long time ago but I never have the time to do a huge label…but this time I decided to try one.  There are some very nice ones in here but so many are directly related to quilters or sewers so that limits them.  Here is the one I chose.  I am outlining the flowers and will outline the frame.  As for the writing, I am still debating…..Any suggestions? I think that it might be too hard to embroider so thinking of using a red fine point pen.

embroidery label 001

I’m not very good at colouring and drawing but I like to embroider.  I didn’t fill this in; sort of lacking in time, but I like how it is turning out.  The material under it is the backing of the herb quilt.  I will have a finished project soon.

Today there was a baby woodpecker at the feeder:

woodpecker and pye 005

And we always have the chickadees.  The bluejays haven’t been around lately. I guess that they are pouting because we were rather lax about food this week, during our -40 celcius cold spell! We couldn’t get the patio door open and the feeder is just there.  Nature on our doorstep.

The cat was using his snuggle bungalow today.  I have no idea why.

woodpecker and pye 013

Pye rarely uses this place but he spent almost the whole day in it.  This sits right next to the patio door and he loves to perch on top to watch….the birds and the odd squirrel.

Well, it is Sunday evening and I am rather sad.  I have to put away the embroidery and do a bit of prep for school tomorrow :(.  I like to be VERY prepared for my students and tomorrow I have two 3-hour classes to give.

Before I leave, I must give a link:

2 Bags Full

The owner, Vicki, is doing a “Grow Your Blog” party and I missed the deadline.  I am taking the time to visit the blogs, or as many as I can.  It takes time to visit but I enjoy meeting and seeing what everyone is doing.  The first few I went to were so interesting.  They have so many things in common with me, journal quilts, books and altered books and cats and teaching English and…..you get the drift! I will make a new category in my links for these gals because I have a hard time with the “follower” account system…wordpress, blogspot, google! What does everyone else do?

Say hi to:


Veronica Roth


 Night, night.

Basting with Jen!


Jen and I spent most of the afternoon basting our log cabin quilt…FINALLY! Between the two of us with my large table, we got it done!

Here is the backing:


We chose a flannel backing with cats! It is black, brown and charcoal tones with pink hats and collars.  The person who is receiving LOVES cats.  It is a quilt to be used and snuggly.

We have decided to handquilt it.  Jen is starting first with two blocks diagonally in the middle then it will be my turn.  I am so excited to get to it!

Thanks Jen to a wonderful afternoon!


WIP Wednesday!

I went to a workshop this evening to make a bag to put my sewing supplies in:

sewing kit 004

I have to put the binding on it and put the bags in it.

This is my teacher’s bag with her ziplocks sewn in:


Now isn’t that cool! And when the bags get ragged you can unsew the middle and put new bags in.  I love it.  She made this a few years ago and hasn’t changed the bags yet!

So, my work in progress.  It was really fun to get out to sew with quilters.

I am hooking up with The Needle and Thread Network…I can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to this week.  I like to wander through all the blogs, take a look, there is so much talent out there.

Slap my hand….new project ;)

sewing kit beginning 001

I am taking a mini workshop this week so I had homework to do! The fun kind of homework.  I had to prepare my material; sandwich and crosshatch my material, cut my binding and handles.  I recived this material for sister’s day a few years ago, from my sister ;).  Finally I have the perfect project.  It says Quilter’s Queen! There is a little cat sitting up by the Queen’s shoulders….how fitting.  I love this material and the material I chose for the lining which is sewing-themed. I will show the finish project of course.

I started my journal entry for today, fusing on a piece of the above material, which I will zigzag once the freezer paper is off the back of the block:

sewing kit beginning 004

I’m really like this journal project ant the lengths we can go with it! To think that this is only January, a little bit of creativity everyday.

I thought that I would post a picture of a tool that I would be lost without, although I can’t figure out where I bought them and I need some more…does anyone know?

sewing kit beginning 005

So, a day spent sewing…now for some handquilting, 30 more leaves on my herb quilt! Getting there.