Christmas 2012 has come and gone!


It has been so long since I have blogged that WordPress has made some exciting changes to its text program! I can write in bold and cross out things! 🙂 This is cool!

Well, to start off, I am going to post pictures of the handmade ornaments I put on my tree each year, as well as a few special ones.  My friend Jen wanted to see them, so while putting away Christmas today, I took the time to photograph them.

christmas ornaments 002

These are quite old, from 1995…my sister made them and they came on Christmas presents.  It is something that she does every year, adorn our gifts with ornaments and I have always put them on our tree, so my tree is made of a lot of my sister! By the way, these ornaments can be filled with small treats.  I really would like to make more of these cuties.

christmas ornaments 006

More cross stitch ornaments! All from my sister, well, except for the little triangle on to the top right, from an exchange. The boys pictures are on them too.  I love them all and cherish them.

christmas ornaments 011

Not all from mysister this time, the green one are hers, but the small santa and the little dog are ones my son JL made when he was young.   A paper ornament with bead from an exchange and the two mittens are made of felt with ta hairclip inside and they clip onto the branches.

christmas ornaments 018

Two angels picked up from a craft fair long ago….a little worse for wear, but make me smile!

christmas ornaments 017

Not necessarily homemade but personalized….top four snowmen from my sister and the the little ones on the right with our names adorned.  The two with the pictures have been on the tree for over 20 years…always vying for the highest branch!

christmas ornaments 003

Knitted and crocheted…two on left from y sister and the ones on the right from Norway (Marit) and she alsow made me the blue hearts, crazy quilted and teh small paper red heart.  I have more knitted bells and such but did’t find them for the tree this year….

christmas ornaments 020

Here are my snowflakes, not handmade but a gift that I take pleasure in putting on the tree, made from some metal and very delicate….

christmas ornaments 008

Not handmade but photo memories that get hung…there are pictures on the other side too.

So Jen, just sharing with you!

I will be back with my lofty list of  crafty goals!


3 thoughts on “Christmas 2012 has come and gone!”

  1. Just love them Peg they are sure something to be proud of! 🙂

    I really like the gingerbread lady and your “Peggy”sock, I think the kitty is so you!

    happy New Year bud hope to have lots of quilt adventures with you again this year.

  2. Love the handmade ornaments. I too hope to be blogging a lot this year. Got a business pact with an online entrepreneur so that helps a lot in the marketing department.

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