A day in the sewing room! Now at an impasse…

herb quilt...almost finished 009

I have a few wrinkles to work out and the final border which will be 2 1/2 inches….but I don’t know what colour….

herb decisions 001

The pattern calls for four colours and put them in the corners (up and down)  Does anyone want to chime in with their idea? I have the binding too and I am working with a jelly roll.

Here is my new favourite treat:

herb quilt...almost finished 003

Candy cane dipped in tea! So good.  I have been enjoying Rooiboos tea!

So, I will sleep on the border choices… Almost finished this project! A first finish for 2013! 🙂


2 thoughts on “A day in the sewing room! Now at an impasse…”

  1. I love the colours of your jelly-roll do you have the name? Very homey looking. I have yet to try the candycane/tea test but will try soon. Life is adventure with you, thanks.

  2. The name is “Wildflower Serenade” by Kansas Troubles (Moda)…I bought two jelly rolls and one charm square pack years ago! What else can I make with this? I love the muted tones, very traditional.

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