Decisions made and can see the finish line!

January 7_2012 079

I found the outer border fabric in my stash.  I think that it works, same gold as the gold in narrow burgundy border.  I think that instead of adding yet another new colour that I will use the same outer border fabric for the binding and the backing.  I think that I have just enough.

I worked at getting the wrinkles out but I’m not sure why the ones in “Thyme have stayed because my material is not taut….a final good pressing?

So?  What do you think? If anyone is out there ? 🙂


7 thoughts on “Decisions made and can see the finish line!”

  1. Thanks Sheila! I scooted on over to your blog and wow! Those pictures are amazing! Winter in all its glory you have captured! I love, love, love those house blocks! Can’t wait to see what you do to them!

  2. Did you try pressing it with a damp towel? That might help with the wrinkles, maybe?

    I like this border you choose – I forget if I commented on your last post about this, but my favourite was the darkest, but nevertheless thought the lighter colours would work better. I like the frame a dark border makes, but I think it would have made the overall picture too dark, and it’s floral embroidery! It shouldn’t be dark!

  3. The border is great- it adds to it without taking away from your beautiful embroidery in the middle of your quilt. Thanks for sharing. It is always satisfying to complete a project..

  4. Thanks Kristel….I guess I was looking at the gold leaves in the burgundy and went with that over the black. I have tried the damp towel, but grrrr….still not satisfied :)….I am working on it though!

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