WIP or WIPs ;)…and a Give-away!

My friend from Norway, Marit Is having a giveaway! She is a superb knitter and Ithink that her knitting reflects her northern climate! She knitted the blue christmas ornaments that I posted a while ago! The friends we make all over the world.  When you are on her blog, scroll down to see her absolutely GORGEOUS advent mittens! They are to die for and I will learn to knit just make these…actually, I know how to knit…in one colour ;).

Now for an update!

I have been diligently working on my 365-day journal quilt since January 1st! I have drawn (traced) some designs on some blocks, that I have to embroider, but I am really liking this project! Here are some pics:

hexagon and journal quilt 012

So, I am keeping all my journal tools in a plastic project box, oh I love those boxes.  On top I have these miniature file folders, one is for journal entries finished and one are prepared pieces of material with the freezer paper already ironed on  so I just pull one out.  I do make sure that I vary the sizes ( I have 4 sizes)

hexagon and journal quilt 015

I mainly use the black sharpie for writing my entries but for special things I use the coloured ones and they write very nicely as can be seen in my journal entry from yesterday:

hexagon and journal quilt 009

I had yet to write my entry here, wanted to decorate first and then fill with my thoughts.  It was my brother’s birthday and his daughter’s… I also went to yoga class, so I wanted to use this design, which I will embroider, sitting watching tv.

hexagon and journal quilt 016

Here is the pile.  I can’t wait to start putting my columns together, but I have a few little embroidery designs to do and then voila.  In the  seam allowance I have started putting little “secrets” ;)….writing the names of the people I am thinking of and things that I are more intimate.  This will be so cool for my sons in the years to come….I think.  I didn’t tell them about the seams though, that’s for me!

So! I am busy, always doing something.  Too bad I have a dayjob!

I am finally linking up to The Needle and Thread Network this week.  I have been visiting over there but haven’t had time to comment.

Has anyone else done a journal quilt like this or similar! Sometimes I think that I am obsessed!


18 thoughts on “WIP or WIPs ;)…and a Give-away!”

  1. If you are obessed what does that make me? I guess that is why I enjoy your company so much 😉 I the journal quilt, imagine when we read all those blocks…stiff drink in order me thinks! 😉

  2. Wow, that journal quilt sounds fun. But I know if I started on something like that it would not be more than a one month journal 🙂
    I have put your name on the list with three entries. I got your first comment too, it was at the Votter og sokker /Mittens and socks post.
    Your welcome!

  3. Thanks Marit! I was so mixed up with the language because it wasn’t in English, but that is ok…I am always mixed up here because everything is in French. I am trying the journal quilt with my friend, so we motivate each other. It is fun and time consuming because I want to add to the writing with little embroideries!

  4. Hi Peg, just saw your comment on my post…. you show up for me as a no reply blogger but I wanted to let you know I appreciated your comments! Lovely journal entry! What a lovely idea for a quilt!!!!!

  5. I will try to show my diary quilt coming month, with the whole story and photo’s of course.
    It was so nice to make, and now after so many many years …. good to read again.
    I made a book with it, in this book I wrote what I wrote on the fabric but also added clippings from newspapers, special notes and more.

    kind regards from YokkoBears

  6. Oh, so nice to let me know how you did it and I really look forward to seeing a pic of it. I like the idea of making the book to go with it because I was trying to figure out what I will do when I go on a trip in a few weeks, so I like the idea of journalling, which I do but never consistently ;). Nice meeting you but sadly I don’t know your name…maybe I missed it?

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