Slap my hand….new project ;)

sewing kit beginning 001

I am taking a mini workshop this week so I had homework to do! The fun kind of homework.  I had to prepare my material; sandwich and crosshatch my material, cut my binding and handles.  I recived this material for sister’s day a few years ago, from my sister ;).  Finally I have the perfect project.  It says Quilter’s Queen! There is a little cat sitting up by the Queen’s shoulders….how fitting.  I love this material and the material I chose for the lining which is sewing-themed. I will show the finish project of course.

I started my journal entry for today, fusing on a piece of the above material, which I will zigzag once the freezer paper is off the back of the block:

sewing kit beginning 004

I’m really like this journal project ant the lengths we can go with it! To think that this is only January, a little bit of creativity everyday.

I thought that I would post a picture of a tool that I would be lost without, although I can’t figure out where I bought them and I need some more…does anyone know?

sewing kit beginning 005

So, a day spent sewing…now for some handquilting, 30 more leaves on my herb quilt! Getting there.


4 thoughts on “Slap my hand….new project ;)”

  1. The journals are so interesting to see – I don’t know if I’d be able to come up with something different for every day! It’d all be “Went to work, went to work, went to work at night, went to work” with me 😀

  2. I’m trying to be creative with “went to work” but finding it interesting, just thinking about the little things and recording it all. Also using embroidery and applique and embellishing. Thanks for visiting!

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