WIP Wednesday!

I went to a workshop this evening to make a bag to put my sewing supplies in:

sewing kit 004

I have to put the binding on it and put the bags in it.

This is my teacher’s bag with her ziplocks sewn in:


Now isn’t that cool! And when the bags get ragged you can unsew the middle and put new bags in.  I love it.  She made this a few years ago and hasn’t changed the bags yet!

So, my work in progress.  It was really fun to get out to sew with quilters.

I am hooking up with The Needle and Thread Network…I can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to this week.  I like to wander through all the blogs, take a look, there is so much talent out there.


18 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday!”

  1. Thanks Jen! The other ladies really like my material and it seems to be a very good quality! You should see the inside :)…The binding will be the same as the Queen material. I really liked making this. I can’t wait to put the binding on and the bags inside! We’ll see if it is like your technique! Yay! Another project almost completed!

  2. Thanks Mary Ann, and really not difficult to make. I have the pattern for 3 size zippers. This one is a 28 inch zipper. I’ll post my finished project soon! If only I didn’t have to work all day :(.

  3. Yes, Peg, I am selling the scarves. I bought the material from California! Shipping was expensive though. Girl Charlee was the name of the store.

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