Basting with Jen!


Jen and I spent most of the afternoon basting our log cabin quilt…FINALLY! Between the two of us with my large table, we got it done!

Here is the backing:


We chose a flannel backing with cats! It is black, brown and charcoal tones with pink hats and collars.  The person who is receiving LOVES cats.  It is a quilt to be used and snuggly.

We have decided to handquilt it.  Jen is starting first with two blocks diagonally in the middle then it will be my turn.  I am so excited to get to it!

Thanks Jen to a wonderful afternoon!



14 thoughts on “Basting with Jen!”

  1. Thanks Kristel. Yes we used thread and went the grid approach! I am satisfied that it will stay stable! I usually do the diagonals but tried this. Now to prepare my finger!

  2. I’ve never done that kind of basting before, always just pinning, but I find I still wind up with a slightly loose backing fabric when I do, so I’m always curious about alternate methods. Thread basting always seems so time consuming to me, but it can’t possibly be as bad as crawling around on the floor pin-basting.

    The Vintage Modern Wonky Star I keep talking about (but never finishing) was pin-basted on a table rather than the floor, and it’s been really great so far – no wrinkles or looseness in the back. BUT I also tried out a fusible batting at the same time, which I’d never done before, and might have had something to do with keeping things from shifting. (I don’t know, though, because none of the fusible bits are clinging any more. After all that shovelling around to get it into and out of my itty bitty sewing machine, it mostly just has a fusible smell, and not so much a fused result.)

  3. Yes, it is time consuming but with two it went so much quicker, PLUS my friend is a pro at basting and doing it on the tabel, using huge clamps. We had 80% of it basted before we had to move the quilt over to get the edges (we just left our thread tails and continued on). Fusible batting…never heard of it but can see the use with smaller quilts and wallhangings.

  4. I’ve tried two varieties of fusible batting. One from June Taylor which I hated and would never recommend – it brought up beads of glue through the fabric, which then hardened into really tough little lumps you could hardly quilt over. It did come out in the wash, but it was an incredibly frustrating experience. (I used some of the scraps on fabric postcards and you can see the messy results here – all those dirty little spots are beads of glue.)

    The one I’m using for this quilt is from Hobbs and it’s much nicer quality. It’s not a permanent fuse, so if you make a mistake or press in a fold or something, you can peel it up and refuse it. It smells pretty bad straight out of the package though (a bit like elmer’s glue or something like that) so I let mine air out a bit before I used it. It’s really nice to quilt through, no problems at all. And the smell has by and large gone away (I assume the last lingering bits will disappear in the wash).

  5. Hi Peg, I’m so glad to meet you! This is a stunning log cabin quilt and I love the cozy flannel backing. One of these years I’ll make another quilt but for now I love to come across old and pre-loved quilts at thrift shops or antique stores, (thrift shops are better 🙂 ) I have a few which need mending so maybe I’ll start with those. Oh, the other day I found a handmade child’s quilt made of the craziest rainbow coloured squares of flannel on one side and peach and pink pastels on the other so I bought it for Binky and Bunny to play on/with. It’s the comfiest thing in the world and has that just right weight…you know…not too light and not too heavy.

    I’ll see if I can follow your blog and now I’m off to have a good explore. See you soon. 🙂

  6. My friend Jen there in the picture 😉 She always backs her quilts with flannel and then handquilts them. This is the first time I have done and am doing it! This quilt is for a friend of ours who has breast cancer and loves cats and pink so….

  7. Peggy, that’s so lovely of you. Just perfect for your friend. Much luck and good health to her. 🙂

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