Embroidery, Birds & a Cat

sharon label 002

So…I was looking through my library of quilting books and I found this!  I got it a long time ago but I never have the time to do a huge label…but this time I decided to try one.  There are some very nice ones in here but so many are directly related to quilters or sewers so that limits them.  Here is the one I chose.  I am outlining the flowers and will outline the frame.  As for the writing, I am still debating…..Any suggestions? I think that it might be too hard to embroider so thinking of using a red fine point pen.

embroidery label 001

I’m not very good at colouring and drawing but I like to embroider.  I didn’t fill this in; sort of lacking in time, but I like how it is turning out.  The material under it is the backing of the herb quilt.  I will have a finished project soon.

Today there was a baby woodpecker at the feeder:

woodpecker and pye 005

And we always have the chickadees.  The bluejays haven’t been around lately. I guess that they are pouting because we were rather lax about food this week, during our -40 celcius cold spell! We couldn’t get the patio door open and the feeder is just there.  Nature on our doorstep.

The cat was using his snuggle bungalow today.  I have no idea why.

woodpecker and pye 013

Pye rarely uses this place but he spent almost the whole day in it.  This sits right next to the patio door and he loves to perch on top to watch….the birds and the odd squirrel.

Well, it is Sunday evening and I am rather sad.  I have to put away the embroidery and do a bit of prep for school tomorrow :(.  I like to be VERY prepared for my students and tomorrow I have two 3-hour classes to give.

Before I leave, I must give a link:

2 Bags Full

The owner, Vicki, is doing a “Grow Your Blog” party and I missed the deadline.  I am taking the time to visit the blogs, or as many as I can.  It takes time to visit but I enjoy meeting and seeing what everyone is doing.  The first few I went to were so interesting.  They have so many things in common with me, journal quilts, books and altered books and cats and teaching English and…..you get the drift! I will make a new category in my links for these gals because I have a hard time with the “follower” account system…wordpress, blogspot, google! What does everyone else do?

Say hi to:


Veronica Roth


 Night, night.


10 thoughts on “Embroidery, Birds & a Cat”

  1. I follow all my blogs using Google Reader, though people who are also on WordPress I try to remember to follow with WordPress as well. (I don’t actually check that, though, because I just check the reader.)

    That woodpecker is ridiculously adorable. I am scared of birds, but that’s so cute I wish I could pick it up and take it home with me.

  2. I use Google too but since I have gotten my ipad, it is hard to put my new blogs into it, gotta resort to my laptop for it :(….Thanks for letting me know what you use Kristel. We have some very active birds here, especially when we put bread out. We live in the country so we have quite a few.

  3. We’re in the city but have a lot A LOT of little chirpy birds in the tree out front. They’re covering our porch with droppings this year, so we’re trying to figure out a way to, I don’t know… convince them to move to our neighbour’s trees. (I’ve a friend who put up a ceramic owl on her porch, and that’s worked, but I’ve never actually seen such a thing, except for hers, and would hate to buy one if it didn’t end up working.)

  4. Aww, love snuggly Mr Pye!

    I brought a little ribbon for Chloe from England which says “handmade with love” round and round the whole spool. She loved to knit toques for her friends and I thought a little bit of that ribbon as a handmade label would be just perfect. But a great big label as part of the quilt would be absolutely what I would love on mine. Hmm, how could you do that? Maybe with sharpies, although everything will eventually come out in the wash in time. Hey, how about cross stitch?
    Loving those birdies in your garden. I filled up our feeder and today there were birds galore out there.

    Good thing my Van city cats have no idea what to do to catch one. My British country cat on the other hand…That’s a different story. Good luck with your class tomorrow Peg. I hope it’s filled with bright students who want to be there.

  5. I would like to have those handmade ribbons, one day when I think about it …..to order them! Pye used to go out and catch the odd bird but he is now an indoor cat and prefers to sit in the warmth of the house. I did indeed have bright students who wanted to be there…at the college level most of them have intrinsic motivation. Enjoy your Vancouver weather 🙂

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