WIP….still hand quilting and … and…and…

feb 12 009

So! Four flowers done = 4 blocks almost done.  I have the four small hearts and two connecting ovals and then on to the next block.

I am so liking handquilting.  It is satisfying.  I am finding what I like best and I am figuring out what suits me.

Here are my favourite handquilting tools so far:


  1. The marking pencil: I have been trying everything I have in my toolbox and this is what I am most satisfied with. This one is blue and it already rubs off quite easily.  I have a white one too but the blue one is perfect.  I can see where I am stitching now.  It is called “Washout R680 Cloth Marker Blue.  I think that I picked it up at Lens Mills so many years ago.
  2. John James #5 (I think).  It is so sturdy and the shortest of the bunch.  I have been testing quite a few!
  3. Thimble: Learning to love it….getting there.
  4. Waterproof medical tape for the other fingers, protection.  But I sure am getting calloused! 🙂
  5. Needle puller-througher ;)…Using it often to pull the 4 to 5 stitches I can get onto the needle by “rocking and rolling”
  6. My magnifier lenses that clip onto my glasses.
  7. Quilting Hoop.  I tried the white plastic ones but I was breaking every nail PRYING them open.  I like this one!

I am officially addicted to hand quilting and I think that one day I will be good at this…just not today ;).

When I take a break from the hand quilting, I have been working on my redwork….finally figured out that I like the back stitch for outling:

embroidery 001


And for company I have Pye.  I set him up in my basket of quilt tops ready to be quilted because I took the rocking chair to quilt:

feb 12 006

So what are your favourite hand quilting tools?

I am linking up with The Needle and Thread Network. I can’t wait to see what everyone is up to! I didn’t get to visit everyone last week but will try my best this week!


WIP…honing my skills!

Well, my turn has come to quilt my blocks on the quilt that Jen and I are making. We are hand quilting it. Jen already quilted her two blocks. Big breath here because I have big shoes to fill. She stitches very small and even. Me on the other hand am a hand quilter newbie. No time like the present and THE ideal project.


We have 36 blocks to do, starting from the middle, sharing diagonally. I think that I will get better as I go along. It is just getting over the idea that I cannot be perfect and that I need to hand quilt to get better.

If anybody has tips for me, from needle to thimble please share.

I am linking up with The Needlework and Thread Network.

Some finishes!


Yay! Two finishes off the table, ready for Show and Tell at Tuesday’s guild meeting.

I’m fairly happy with it and i sure learned a lot. In fact, I am starting a Peggy’s Tips and Trick’s notebook containing everything from joining binding ends and sewing on labels with the help of Steam-A-Seam. I never take notes about my quilting and waste time looking up things due to my insecurities.

Here is the back with label:


I finished my sewing bag too. I love it. I think that i am going to make one for my MIL for all her card stuff…Bridge…would be perfect for her to take to her games.



And my friend Jen started the hand quilting on our log cabin quilt. It will be my turn soon so back and forth this quilt will go.


Excuse the formatting problems…learning how to post on my ipad.