Some finishes!


Yay! Two finishes off the table, ready for Show and Tell at Tuesday’s guild meeting.

I’m fairly happy with it and i sure learned a lot. In fact, I am starting a Peggy’s Tips and Trick’s notebook containing everything from joining binding ends and sewing on labels with the help of Steam-A-Seam. I never take notes about my quilting and waste time looking up things due to my insecurities.

Here is the back with label:


I finished my sewing bag too. I love it. I think that i am going to make one for my MIL for all her card stuff…Bridge…would be perfect for her to take to her games.



And my friend Jen started the hand quilting on our log cabin quilt. It will be my turn soon so back and forth this quilt will go.


Excuse the formatting problems…learning how to post on my ipad.


9 thoughts on “Some finishes!”

  1. Peg I was too busy in the last to nights to comment but I did drool! I just love the herb quilt and if you ever want to make another one I would give it a good home, hint hint wink wink 😉

  2. Your sewing bag is fantastic and clever to use zip ;lock bags in it! I like the idea of sharing a quilting project! That might be the only way I would ever get one done!

  3. The quilt looks great and it is always so nice to make/sew a label for/on the quilt.

    Your sewing bag is handy and so nice with the zip lock bags.

    And good you write down your notes in a special book.

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