WIP…honing my skills!

Well, my turn has come to quilt my blocks on the quilt that Jen and I are making. We are hand quilting it. Jen already quilted her two blocks. Big breath here because I have big shoes to fill. She stitches very small and even. Me on the other hand am a hand quilter newbie. No time like the present and THE ideal project.


We have 36 blocks to do, starting from the middle, sharing diagonally. I think that I will get better as I go along. It is just getting over the idea that I cannot be perfect and that I need to hand quilt to get better.

If anybody has tips for me, from needle to thimble please share.

I am linking up with The Needlework and Thread Network.


15 thoughts on “WIP…honing my skills!”

  1. I don’t have that big of feet 🙂 and if you look closely they are not even, I had the most trouble with the small circles on the pattern that we chose to join the blocks. I couldn’t get a rythmn going, the circles aretoo small. The most useful tip I use is keep the quilt loose on your frame, so much easier to get even stitches and not as fatigueing on your hands.

  2. You will do great!! I`ve been hand quilting for over 25 years and nothing is perfect;;ever! you will improve with practice. And everyone is different, some make small stitiches…some don`t. It is all your own hand work; and you will love it. Circles are one of the hardest to do..I find anyway…hand or machine. Don`t be hard on yourself…take lots of breaks along they way…it can be hard on your shoulders too. But I love hand quilting.

  3. Thanks Marjorie! :)…I started with circles and found it tough. Then when I went to the leaf shape, what a difference! I am eager to get home to work on it tonight!

  4. I enjoy hand quilting even though my stitches aren’t perfect. I’ve examined some antique quilts and there is no such thing as perfect so don’t sweat it! What’s the metal thing on the quilt?

  5. I wish you many happy hours with that quilt. From my handquilting days I remember mostly the necessity of keeping neck and shoulders relaxed, the rest is practice …………

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