WIP….still hand quilting and … and…and…

feb 12 009

So! Four flowers done = 4 blocks almost done.  I have the four small hearts and two connecting ovals and then on to the next block.

I am so liking handquilting.  It is satisfying.  I am finding what I like best and I am figuring out what suits me.

Here are my favourite handquilting tools so far:


  1. The marking pencil: I have been trying everything I have in my toolbox and this is what I am most satisfied with. This one is blue and it already rubs off quite easily.  I have a white one too but the blue one is perfect.  I can see where I am stitching now.  It is called “Washout R680 Cloth Marker Blue.  I think that I picked it up at Lens Mills so many years ago.
  2. John James #5 (I think).  It is so sturdy and the shortest of the bunch.  I have been testing quite a few!
  3. Thimble: Learning to love it….getting there.
  4. Waterproof medical tape for the other fingers, protection.  But I sure am getting calloused! 🙂
  5. Needle puller-througher ;)…Using it often to pull the 4 to 5 stitches I can get onto the needle by “rocking and rolling”
  6. My magnifier lenses that clip onto my glasses.
  7. Quilting Hoop.  I tried the white plastic ones but I was breaking every nail PRYING them open.  I like this one!

I am officially addicted to hand quilting and I think that one day I will be good at this…just not today ;).

When I take a break from the hand quilting, I have been working on my redwork….finally figured out that I like the back stitch for outling:

embroidery 001


And for company I have Pye.  I set him up in my basket of quilt tops ready to be quilted because I took the rocking chair to quilt:

feb 12 006

So what are your favourite hand quilting tools?

I am linking up with The Needle and Thread Network. I can’t wait to see what everyone is up to! I didn’t get to visit everyone last week but will try my best this week!


12 thoughts on “WIP….still hand quilting and … and…and…”

  1. So glad to hear you are liking hand quilting. I used to just baste the 3 layers and I have used a hoop but now I prefer my 4 wood boards with C-clamps. I haven’t gotten a needle puller througher but my friend has them. I should get some. I always like a good thimble. What kind of batting are you using? My friends and I use polyester batting. It’s easy to hand quilt and it puffs up nicely once it’s quilted.

  2. Yep Dolores. I really love it. Those needle puller throughers are actually “needle grabbers.” :)…I went to look at the package. We are using a polyester batting for this one. It is puffy looking. We are also using flannel for the backing, so that may be why I am having difficulty getting my small stitches. Have you ever used flannel as backing?

  3. Looking really good Peg, I am so glad you are now one of the group, I love hand quilting much more than machine quilting because it relaxs me and I can take it just about anywhere. Welcome to the club! 🙂

  4. Wow, hand quilting. . . you are amazing for doing that. I have done it, but much prefer anything by machine! And don’t you love those cats helping out. Mine does, too.

  5. I don’t do much hand-quilting, as I’ve never mastered the rocking motion, and don’t like to wear thimbles. That said, when I do quilt by hand, I generally baste +++ and go hoopless. Comes from my embroidery background, I think.

  6. I guess that I am just as determined with my quilting as with running ;)…I gotta get it down pat! I tried hoopless but I felt like I was doing something so clandestine ;)….ah the pressures we put on ourselves.

  7. I’ve hand quilted well over 100 quilts and I love my Under Thimble. It is better than using tape, etc. It is a small metal disk that sticks to your “receiving“ finger with a double sided tape disk. Saves your fingers big time.

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