Birthday Secrets….

March 30 001

It’s my friend’s brithday tomorrow and gave her gifts yesterday.  I forgot to take pictures…maybe she will take some.  This is part of it.  Jen LOVES to handpiece and is going crazy with her hexagons, so I gave her a book for handpiecing and then put together a kit for her, complete witha homemade jellyroll! I hope that she does try her hand at handpiecing diamonds now.


I also have THE QUILT in my posessio and I am just now going to sit down to stitch:

March 30 002

Marked and ready to go.

This is how far we have gotten…Jen has done so much….The yellow signifies what is done:

March 30 003

Cheerio…time to sip tea and stitch while hubby watches first, hockey and then soccer!


A little Book Buying!

sister day 005

I found “The Book Depository” I have no idea how they can sell their books at the good prices they do, but they do and I like so I bought! This is the first batch!  I really like that Doodle Stitching book, so nice for my journalling.  The handquilting book is so informative; very handy! Of course the “Quilt Labels” will be useful and 101 log cabin blocks!  I will enjoy!


sister's day stuff 002

I finished my project: a bag!

sister's day stuff 001

With all the plastic bags sewn into it! I am much happier with these bags than I was with the ziplock bags.  These are Glad bags and the red ones I found from none other than Dollarama ;)…and they are strong.  I filled the bags with goodies for knitting for my sister.  Here is the one I made for myself, with fabric that my sister gave me a few years ago:

sister's day stuff 004

I don’t think that I am finished making these! I have three more planned! 😉

My sister came to visit me this week-end and we celebrate Sister’s Day in March so we exchanged our gifts.  Here is what she made me:

sister day 004

Of course in my colours! Thank you so much Jude and thanks for the week-end.  I learned a lot and realized that it has been far too long and we have to remedy that!

Winding down the week…

…starting to see that life exists outside of work! I did work on that quilted project and got it finished but I can’t show it for a bit….a gift ;).

I signed up for some fabric of the month from Quilter’s warehouse.  Actually, I didn’t sign up, I changed my fabric.  I had been receiving Christmas fabric for a year and now I have switched over to Thimbleberries.  I have just received my first mailing:

Hawaiin applique books and Pye 003

5 1/2 yards….the top one is a green but it doesn’t show up that well.  I am going to continue this fabric of the month for a year and see what I get.  I have a project in mind of course.

Now Yokkobears gave me some tags and I totally got so busy that I didn’t post  a picture of them! Hawaii is my excuse 😉

tags 001

She signed her name with “Fleur” so thank you Fleur! Fleur just gave me an idea about using my tags to mark my tins and I think that would a great idea! I tend to save beautiful things and not use them, so guess what I will be doing with my tags?  Do you notice the Mary Engelbreit card? So nice! I love everything Mary Engelbreit! I have all her magazines before she stopped producing them, such a shame!

Well, time to get write my journal entry for my quilt, yes, I am still doing that and will post an update soon!

Tins, tins and finally back at the sewing machine!

tins and crosshatching 003

I’m a total sucker when it comes to tins, however I tend to forget what I put into some of them so the next tool in my sewing room/house is a labeler (if you have a preference for a particular brand, please share.)  Anyhow, from left to right:

1 – Big Black Box: cookies at Christmas 😉 …we finally finished them.  Really nice shape and good size for ?

2 – Laura Secord: I saw it at the beginning of February and HAD to have it because of the hinges…That is what I’ve started to collect and use.  Hmmm….I will have to break open this soon. Oh, Easter is around the corner!

3 – The “sucker” I am, bought this big rectangle red one last night! In my defence it was on sale and it is full of teas ;).  What I like about it is that the top is sew through.  Now this will be practical for something…..just need to find out what.  Here it is without the teas:

tins and crosshatching 004

Isn’t it beautiful?

And since it is Tuesday, I am linking up to The Needle and Thread Network.  I need to get caught up!

Here is what I am stitching, fresh on the sewing machine:

tins and crosshatching 001

I am crosshatching this piece so that I can make a gift, so I can’t really reveal.  Here the underside:

tins and crosshatching 002

Don’t you just like to run your hand over the stitching!  yes, the material is from Hawaii, Trendex, which I could probably find online, which I cam going to do!

So, back at it! And you?

Gone, gone, gone I’ve been gone so long!

Hawaii 2013 051

Hawaii! I got back from Hawaii last week and I am not getting back into reality :(…this is Pearl Harbour! Wow!

Hawaii 2013 166

Me, in front of the Hawaii 5 O classic shot!

Hawaii 2013 207

Of course Hawaiian applique was on the top of my list. I saw this quilt in a tourist shop and I bought some books:

Hawaiin applique books and Pye 011

And Of course I bought some quilting odds and ends.

Hawaiin applique books and Pye 005

Classic mateiral and I am already using that green piece…secrets! :).  Two Hawaiin applique patterns!

Hawaiin applique books and Pye 006

Some more fabric in squares, some Roxanne Marking pencils that I can’t get here, some thimbles because I want to try these….pin cushion and thread ;).

I was so overwhelmed when I went into two shops.

This is from the first shop which had all kinds of material and a whole upper floor of cottons….just too much for me to choose:

Hawaii 2013 376

So! I now I am back and hoping to get to posting more regularly!

Catch you all later!