Gone, gone, gone I’ve been gone so long!

Hawaii 2013 051

Hawaii! I got back from Hawaii last week and I am not getting back into reality :(…this is Pearl Harbour! Wow!

Hawaii 2013 166

Me, in front of the Hawaii 5 O classic shot!

Hawaii 2013 207

Of course Hawaiian applique was on the top of my list. I saw this quilt in a tourist shop and I bought some books:

Hawaiin applique books and Pye 011

And Of course I bought some quilting odds and ends.

Hawaiin applique books and Pye 005

Classic mateiral and I am already using that green piece…secrets! :).  Two Hawaiin applique patterns!

Hawaiin applique books and Pye 006

Some more fabric in squares, some Roxanne Marking pencils that I can’t get here, some thimbles because I want to try these….pin cushion and thread ;).

I was so overwhelmed when I went into two shops.

This is from the first shop which had all kinds of material and a whole upper floor of cottons….just too much for me to choose:

Hawaii 2013 376

So! I now I am back and hoping to get to posting more regularly!

Catch you all later!


3 thoughts on “Gone, gone, gone I’ve been gone so long!”

  1. Hallo Peg,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and yes I love the mug rugs, she made me! I love your quilts and I envy that you van quilt by hand such a big one, I can only do the smaller ones by hand and have to do the bigger by machine, it just does not feel the same.

  2. Nice to meet you Lida! This is my first time that I am quilting by hand….Jen is my handquilter hero! She gave a dynamic workshop about it at a retreat last year and knows so much….my teacher! I figure, I may as well learn on the big quilt! Thanks for visiting!

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