Tins, tins and finally back at the sewing machine!

tins and crosshatching 003

I’m a total sucker when it comes to tins, however I tend to forget what I put into some of them so the next tool in my sewing room/house is a labeler (if you have a preference for a particular brand, please share.)  Anyhow, from left to right:

1 – Big Black Box: cookies at Christmas 😉 …we finally finished them.  Really nice shape and good size for ?

2 – Laura Secord: I saw it at the beginning of February and HAD to have it because of the hinges…That is what I’ve started to collect and use.  Hmmm….I will have to break open this soon. Oh, Easter is around the corner!

3 – The “sucker” I am, bought this big rectangle red one last night! In my defence it was on sale and it is full of teas ;).  What I like about it is that the top is sew through.  Now this will be practical for something…..just need to find out what.  Here it is without the teas:

tins and crosshatching 004

Isn’t it beautiful?

And since it is Tuesday, I am linking up to The Needle and Thread Network.  I need to get caught up!

Here is what I am stitching, fresh on the sewing machine:

tins and crosshatching 001

I am crosshatching this piece so that I can make a gift, so I can’t really reveal.  Here the underside:

tins and crosshatching 002

Don’t you just like to run your hand over the stitching!  yes, the material is from Hawaii, Trendex, which I could probably find online, which I cam going to do!

So, back at it! And you?


4 thoughts on “Tins, tins and finally back at the sewing machine!”

  1. Love your tins. I personally use masking tape and marker to label things, but it is not very fancy. I have it on hand, though. I’m sure you’d prefer something more beautiful! Just had a look at your Hawaii stuff, beautiful. And my cat Tigger is very much like yours, and very helpful, too, especially with the thread basket.

  2. About labeling your pins;
    Use the labels I’ve send you, that’s the way how I label all my boxes and tins.
    Look for a label what looks nice with the tin and put it between the tin and the top.
    Maybe this is an idea?

  3. Wow “YokkoBear” 🙂 That is a great idea! I am the kind of person that saves my nice things and I was about to do that again! Yes! A great idea! Thanks!

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