sister's day stuff 002

I finished my project: a bag!

sister's day stuff 001

With all the plastic bags sewn into it! I am much happier with these bags than I was with the ziplock bags.  These are Glad bags and the red ones I found from none other than Dollarama ;)…and they are strong.  I filled the bags with goodies for knitting for my sister.  Here is the one I made for myself, with fabric that my sister gave me a few years ago:

sister's day stuff 004

I don’t think that I am finished making these! I have three more planned! 😉

My sister came to visit me this week-end and we celebrate Sister’s Day in March so we exchanged our gifts.  Here is what she made me:

sister day 004

Of course in my colours! Thank you so much Jude and thanks for the week-end.  I learned a lot and realized that it has been far too long and we have to remedy that!


4 thoughts on “Sisters!”

  1. Thanks Judy, The pattern came from a workshop I took. It is a revised pattern. I’m not sure where you can get it but I could sure try to guide your through it. I have seen a similar ideas on the net too.

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