Making Hexies while the shine is shining!

deer and hexies 004

I needed some more hexagons so I continued in assembly-line fashion.  I’m cutting them out.  126 hexagons ready to be stitched, wherever, whenever and with whoever!

This is what I saw out my front window this morning:

deer and hexies 001

Now to sit and cut and then STITCH!


How to work on a Hexagon Assembly Line!

So…I have started on the hexagon journey and that means being prepared, any time, any place and with anybody.  I asked my good friend Jen to give me some tips and here is what I have come up with.

Step #1: Photocopy A LOT of sheets of hexagons:

hexagon steps 001

I have the file because I downloaded it but you can get it at this link and they also give a few ideas on how to go about making hexagons.

Step #2: Fold and staple the a WHOLE bunch of paper templates:

hexagon steps 002

Step #3: Cut out the hexagon templates:

hexagon steps 003

Lots and lots ready for the next step.

Step #4: Take the staples out and put holes in the middle and make bundles of hexagons, ready and waiting.  The holes will be useful for taking out the paper pieces after stitching:

hexagon steps 004

Step #5: Now since I am using 2 1/2 inch strips, I can get 18 hexagons from one strip.  Pin hexagons on strip:

hexagon steps 005

Pin on the backside of course.

Step #6: Cut out the hexagons, leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowances.  If postioned correctly, can simply cut on the diagonal between the hexies:

hexagon steps 006

All cut out and ready to stitch!

Step #7: When finished stitching, dump into a visually appealing container, so you can play with them as you accumulate.

hexagon steps 007

You really have to check out my friend Jen’s hexagons and what she has gotten non-quilters doing.  She sure has rallied the troops!

Well, I am off to sew me some hexagons.  Let me know if you are doing this too!

A little gift and the hexie spell has been put on me!

bracelt 001

I won this bracelet from Terri

Isn’t it beautiful? I was just thinking of it the other day and it arrived yesterday.  It fits perfectly Terri:

bracelt 003

I love it and Pye seems to too :).  Go and check out Terri’s blog. She is sot talented!

And I am back on the hexie bandwagon, thanks to my stichin’ buds:

bracelt 005

Between the 4 of us we have to get to 16, 000 right Jen?

I am linking up with The Needle and Thread Network, as soon as it opens because I think that I am a tad early!

A busy week-end


saturday sewing april 005

We had a sewing day at Susanna’s and this is Jen and MC showing off the first of 16,000 hexagons…NOT… Jen got us all involved in making hexagons and Maria Cristina started.  Susanna is supposed to be starting too.

saturday sewing april 009

Quilting vitamins were at hand ;).  I ended up stitching another block of the pink quilt.  We had lots of fun and I must admit that my stomach muscles hurt due to all the laughter. I hope we get another one before Susanna leaves.

journal quil 001

This evening I worked on putting the backings on my journal quilt squares and got caught up on few:

journal quil 002

I am really enjoying this.  Backings on for another few week’s worth of entries.  I am almost all caught up but still have my Hawaii trip to journal…Imagine how all these blocks will look like all sewn together?

Yes I am still here…with sore fingers!

april 16 001

Yep…stitll stitching. I just finished my 9th block.  9 more to go.  I loved this image, looks like a heart.

I am trying out my friend Jen’s lap hoop.  I did try it a few weeks ago and found it awkward.  Tonight Iused it and I think that I want to get one but for my size because I am reaching a bit in places.

april 16 002

Here is a side view.  Does anyone use one like this?  Where would I get one in Canada?

april 16 004

It tilts up and goes around and around.  I think that I am sold.  It sure is sturdy too.

I am linking up with the The Needle and Thread Network.  I need a break from correcting so some visiting is in order.

And just because:

april 16 003

Pye has changed his place while I quilt because he has a hard time fitting into the chair with the hoop.  Although he did come and squeeze in and stayed until I was finished my block.

Under a pile of corrections!

Correcting 001

My life as a teacher takes over my personal life.  I know, I get 8 weeks off in the summer but…..I should be getting back to normal this week.  In the meantime I can dream.

I got my monthly Thimbleberries yesterday:

April 6 001

They show up more pinkish than they are.  They are kind of brown.  I really like the light-coloured beige.

I also went shopping last night…for some handquilting notions:

April 6 002

That white thimble can be put into hot water and then molded onto the finger I want it for. And the black thing is a metal thimble; maybe I will use it underneath the quilt.  Of course I want to try some new needles.

I also bought this:

April 6 003

Yup! Zipper and ribbon to make yet another bag…now who will be the proud owner of this? I am not saying 🙂

And winter just will not leave our part of the world:

Correcting 002

This was early yesterday morning.  Grrrr…grrr….and more grrrr…

Into the cupboard again!


April 3 001

Going into the cupboard again.

From top left:

2 sporty wallhangings….waiting to  do for a niece or nephew

Topsy Turvey Turtles (I won this)

Bottom Row:

Jean Boyd’s wallhangings to hold pictures.  I have more of her patterns and have already made one! I love her designs too, go on and check her out!

Hip Chicks (I won this too)

Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co: Quadrille: I fell in love with this one and it is definitely on my list…for? Heck if I know!

The container that I took all these out of have more….will show in the next few days!

April 3 002

My quilting is patiently waiting! Corrections will wait, off I go to stitch!