Finding my fingers again!

turtle purse 002

My quilting corner….I am finding this the best perch for handquilting.  Even better than my comfy livingroom chair.  I have also noticed that I need to keep my hoop even losser than it has been.  I picked this up on Friday and between yesterday and today I have two blocks completed.  I have just traced a third block.  We have one whole row done and when I finish the next block we will have two whole rows out of six! Yay!

I forgot to post  a picture of my turtle purse:

turtle purse 001

This is my best “physical” souvenir from Hawaii.  I even went back across the island to get it….even though there was a second Dole Whip involved ;).  I had seen these purses (handmade) and the one I originally saw had a huge flower and was black, but when I went back, this one was there and it is blue and blue is my favourite colour so…There are som many pockets in this too! I love it.  I still haven’t used it yet, waiting for spring to finally arrive.  I love the pattern of this bag so if anyone knows where I can get a pattern, please let me know.

I challenged my friend Jen to blog for the month of April, everyday! :)…I am going to join her, so please, tag along! Let me know if you are blogging daily and I will be sure to visit!

Until tomorrow!


One thought on “Finding my fingers again!”

  1. I love the purse, and your quilting is coming along, fun eh? Hand quilting is so relaxing, so different from machine quilting, I like them both but hand quilting slows me down so I can breath.

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