Under a pile of corrections!

Correcting 001

My life as a teacher takes over my personal life.  I know, I get 8 weeks off in the summer but…..I should be getting back to normal this week.  In the meantime I can dream.

I got my monthly Thimbleberries yesterday:

April 6 001

They show up more pinkish than they are.  They are kind of brown.  I really like the light-coloured beige.

I also went shopping last night…for some handquilting notions:

April 6 002

That white thimble can be put into hot water and then molded onto the finger I want it for. And the black thing is a metal thimble; maybe I will use it underneath the quilt.  Of course I want to try some new needles.

I also bought this:

April 6 003

Yup! Zipper and ribbon to make yet another bag…now who will be the proud owner of this? I am not saying 🙂

And winter just will not leave our part of the world:

Correcting 002

This was early yesterday morning.  Grrrr…grrr….and more grrrr…


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