Yes I am still here…with sore fingers!

april 16 001

Yep…stitll stitching. I just finished my 9th block.  9 more to go.  I loved this image, looks like a heart.

I am trying out my friend Jen’s lap hoop.  I did try it a few weeks ago and found it awkward.  Tonight Iused it and I think that I want to get one but for my size because I am reaching a bit in places.

april 16 002

Here is a side view.  Does anyone use one like this?  Where would I get one in Canada?

april 16 004

It tilts up and goes around and around.  I think that I am sold.  It sure is sturdy too.

I am linking up with the The Needle and Thread Network.  I need a break from correcting so some visiting is in order.

And just because:

april 16 003

Pye has changed his place while I quilt because he has a hard time fitting into the chair with the hoop.  Although he did come and squeeze in and stayed until I was finished my block.


9 thoughts on “Yes I am still here…with sore fingers!”

  1. It is small like yours. I would like to make and sell these things… but feel I would be doing a copy job… though as you suggest, they aren’t available here that I know of… and yet such a simple device. Where do you live?

  2. Hi Peggy, it’s so nice to pop in and catch up with you. That pink and white quilt is beautiful and coming along nicely. Interesting lap hoop. I’ve never really quilted but I do needle point and cross stich and the standing up frames are lovely for me. I hope your friend can find a lap hoop for you. Boy, you’ve got some spring in Quebec!?! What is going on with the weather this year? Vancouver is a bit below average but rain, rain, rain, and Oxfordshire has just now come up above freezing. I hope the warm sun comes out for both of us really soon. Hugs and I’ll see you soon. 🙂

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