A busy week-end


saturday sewing april 005

We had a sewing day at Susanna’s and this is Jen and MC showing off the first of 16,000 hexagons…NOT… Jen got us all involved in making hexagons and Maria Cristina started.  Susanna is supposed to be starting too.

saturday sewing april 009

Quilting vitamins were at hand ;).  I ended up stitching another block of the pink quilt.  We had lots of fun and I must admit that my stomach muscles hurt due to all the laughter. I hope we get another one before Susanna leaves.

journal quil 001

This evening I worked on putting the backings on my journal quilt squares and got caught up on few:

journal quil 002

I am really enjoying this.  Backings on for another few week’s worth of entries.  I am almost all caught up but still have my Hawaii trip to journal…Imagine how all these blocks will look like all sewn together?


2 thoughts on “A busy week-end”

  1. Wow Peggy, that’s a fantastic project. I can’t imagine the hours it takes to get this quilt together. It’ll be so lovely to read the blocks and remember all the lovely times. I’m glad your sides hurt; laughter is so good for the soul. 🙂

  2. Thanks Veronica, yes, it is time consuming but isn’t life like that? I sometimes get a little discouraged when I write negative things but life is full of ups and downs and now it is recorded. I will probably make another of these quilts, maybe in a different format, for a different person. The possibilities are endless.

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