Still organizing fabric!

I have just received my second order of comic book boards so did the half-yard cuts on half of the cardboards. I love it! Those on the top shelf. Underneath are less-than-half-yard pieces, so I simply folded the crosswise and it is easy to see what I have!

I still have my batiks, Thimbleberries and Christmas fabric to do. I will do this as I play with my new sewing machine.


And here are my fat quarters:



A New TOY!

peg and pfaff

Exhuberant! HAPPY!

I bought a Pfaff: Quilter’s Experession 4.2 yesterday! My friend Jen and I took off to the Pfaff dealership yesterday (250 kms south of here) and I didn’t choke! I have had a folded up advertisement of this machine since 2010, then it was a 4.0 and now it has been upgraded to 4.2 and there was a sale ;)….still rather expensive but I have this little baby threaded and bobbined to go!

pfaff 002

I have yet to take my free class but I am slowly getting used to it! It is a far cry from my 20-year old Kenmore 😉

Isn’t she a beauty! So now I am in the midst of planning how to make a stitch sampler so that I can catalogue and see all 251 stitches in action! I know, we don’t NEED all these stitches and really, all I really wanted was the blanket stitch because I look  with envy all those other machine appliquers using it and I don’t have it on my Kenmore.   It was one of the first stitches I asked for the saleslady to demonstrate! 🙂

As my friend Jen says: “I is happy !”

Fabric Organization!

I have been so busy with Julie’s quilt that I haven’t done a lot of other things and one reason is I have to enter fabric madness when I want to find THE fabric! I did some checking online and found a neat way to organize fabric.  So many quilters are using comic book boards.  No kidding! I had no idea! Here are some blogs that have touted this technique:

Cut to Pieces

That Girl

Fave Quilts

Sugar Tart Crafts

There are quite a few tutorials on the net.  Here is mine!

Going from messy to snazzy!

messy cupboardsNotice the messy top part? Well, the comic book board method makes my cupboards look like a quilt store! My mini quilt store! So neat and tidy.  The best thing…well, one of the best things is that when I pull out a fabric, I don’t have to refold all the fabric around it, nothing gets messy!

Here are my steps and hints! I ordered 300  (they usually come in packs of 100 for about $9) I used my first 300 and I wrapped all 1/2 meter and more! the smaller pieces I will cut my boards in two and wrap!

The comic boards! Oh and they are archival safe….

fabric folding tutorial 016The comic book boards are 7 X 10 1/2 inches.  The have ones for magazines but I think this one is perfect! I have put up to  5 meters on them.

fabric folding tutorial 019Fold fabric selvedge to selvedge.  Tip: make sure that the “selvedge” writing is facing down onto the table because when you roll the bolt, you will be able to see it!

fabric folding tutorial 020Fold over a little bit of material and start rolling and imagine that you work in your own quilt store!

fabric folding tutorial 021Keeep rolling and if your material is really wrinkly, either iron first or hand iron the the wrinkles.  Doesn’t this look cool?

fabric folding tutorial 022 Ta da! But not quite finished!

fabric folding tutorial 023Fold over the fabric, to make it neat and then pin!

fabric folding tutorial 024Tip for pinning…thanks to Jen! Pin like you would normally but then insert the pin another time but don’t bring it back out, so that it stays hidden and doesn’t prick you!

fabric folding tutorial 026Beautiful! “Flowers” to my eyes!

fabric folding tutorial 027300 bolts here….basics and novelties :).  I still have all my christmas fabric, batiks and Thimbleberries to do.  I am also going to make stickers and start labeling! ;).What fun this is!

Now tell me how far behind the times Iam and that you are all doing this! Will I be more productive? I think yes because I have been reconnecting with long lost fabric that has been hidden under piles. In my defence I was rather organized but got lazy in the refolding department.

I am linking up the The Needle and Thread Network…it’s been too long!

Busy, busy, busy as bees!

Garden june 25 001I’ve just finished my first official weeding of the garden.  I pulled a radish because I was curious:

Garden june 25 004It was quite tasty.  Now to wait for:

  • lettuce
  • carrots
  • beans; yellow and green
  • squash
  • beets
  • onions
  • cucumber
  • zuchinni
  • corn…who knows 😉
  • strawberries
  • rhubarb (someone gave us a root and we are trying it)

While I weed, I have my ever-faithful companion, Shewka:

Garden june 25 005

Outside with the garden and with running and with swimming and biking but I have been in the sewing room, which will be my next post!

Again…gone so long!

But now I am BACK! I am on vacation too! 😉

I have accomplished a few things.

First, Julie’s quilt is finished! Yes.  Jennifer and I gave it to her this past week and she liked it.  We are happy with the result. I can truly say that I know how to handquilt:

julie quilt finished 003The finished quilt!  Me on the left and Jen, the expert handquilter on the right! 🙂

Here is the back:

julie quilt finished 002We used flannel for the back, a beautiful kitten/cat print….so soft and comfy.

Now I am busy filling up this:

june 14 hexies again 003

I prepared a whole batch!

june 16 001

And around the house, my husband and I planted our first garden! I’ll post pictures in the next post, because of course, I will be back! 😉