Again…gone so long!

But now I am BACK! I am on vacation too! 😉

I have accomplished a few things.

First, Julie’s quilt is finished! Yes.  Jennifer and I gave it to her this past week and she liked it.  We are happy with the result. I can truly say that I know how to handquilt:

julie quilt finished 003The finished quilt!  Me on the left and Jen, the expert handquilter on the right! 🙂

Here is the back:

julie quilt finished 002We used flannel for the back, a beautiful kitten/cat print….so soft and comfy.

Now I am busy filling up this:

june 14 hexies again 003

I prepared a whole batch!

june 16 001

And around the house, my husband and I planted our first garden! I’ll post pictures in the next post, because of course, I will be back! 😉


2 thoughts on “Again…gone so long!”

  1. This was an awsome project to do with you, I enjoyed myself alot. the passing of the quilt back and forth was interesting, just goes to show that distance is not really a problem, we just use stagitic drop points.

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