A New TOY!

peg and pfaff

Exhuberant! HAPPY!

I bought a Pfaff: Quilter’s Experession 4.2 yesterday! My friend Jen and I took off to the Pfaff dealership yesterday (250 kms south of here) and I didn’t choke! I have had a folded up advertisement of this machine since 2010, then it was a 4.0 and now it has been upgraded to 4.2 and there was a sale ;)….still rather expensive but I have this little baby threaded and bobbined to go!

pfaff 002

I have yet to take my free class but I am slowly getting used to it! It is a far cry from my 20-year old Kenmore 😉

Isn’t she a beauty! So now I am in the midst of planning how to make a stitch sampler so that I can catalogue and see all 251 stitches in action! I know, we don’t NEED all these stitches and really, all I really wanted was the blanket stitch because I look  with envy all those other machine appliquers using it and I don’t have it on my Kenmore.   It was one of the first stitches I asked for the saleslady to demonstrate! 🙂

As my friend Jen says: “I is happy !”


6 thoughts on “A New TOY!”

  1. Congratulations on the new purchase! It has been a long time coming and you deserve it. PS. I love your fabric storage solutions. Your stash looks sew happy too!

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