Baking and this and that and a Giveaway!


Such a cool day here that I baked up some Cranberry Oatmeal White Chipit cookies.

Since I am still in time for The Needle and Thread Network WIP posting, I’m linking up there. As you will see, I am taking a few WIPs on my little summer trip! :). For their 100th post, they are having a giveaway for a Christmas panel, curtesy of Sew Sisters in Toronto. Now if I win, I will personally pick it up! :)…I’m going there to visit my sister!  I’m curious to see what my fellow needleworkers are up to and plus I get to put my feet up and peruse!

As for sewing….on the back burner seeing as my significant other, The Frenchman, is on vacation…still plotting and planning though. We are going off to southern Ontario tomorrow so will bring my handwork, some embroidery:


Taking my time on this one!

I’ll also bring this bag of hexagons:


And for added measure, because I really would like to get these done:



For those of you who don’t know me all that well, I am training for a marathon and yesterday I ran 25kms. I’ll be including my unprofessional athletic exploits so that I can encourage others to get active because if we need healthy bodies to sew even more!

Here is my run:

I’m going to try to post on my travels….hope to visit some fibre places!


A new technique!

Thanks to Sheila from Nova Scotia, who sent me this beautiful handmade postcard:

IMG_1748Sheila put out a call for a postcard exchange and since it is summer and I have a new machine, I threw my name into the hat! Sheila and I were paired up and she sent me this lovely postcard.  I can’t reveal hers yet, but let me just say that we were on the same wavelength ;).  The theme was flowers.

I have so enjoyed this swap that I have started to make some more, which I reveal when I finish.

Check out what I can do with my machine:

IMG_1755I can write.  It isn’t an embroidery machine but I really like the alphabet stitching.  I am getting rather acquainted with my pfaff and having fun!

Well, summer supper is calling me!

Thanks Sheila!

Mini hexagons….very mini!


So I have been busy…hexagons. I am making 1/4 inch hexies for a little project that I can’t quite reveal. Contrary to what you might think, keep a 1/4 inch seam allowance; don’t skimp. I am having trouble with stitching them together. My whipstitching or ladder stitching isn’t neat enough. Does anyone have some tips or can direct me to a solid tutorial?

I am hooking up to The Needle and Thread Network

See you later!.