Mini hexagons….very mini!


So I have been busy…hexagons. I am making 1/4 inch hexies for a little project that I can’t quite reveal. Contrary to what you might think, keep a 1/4 inch seam allowance; don’t skimp. I am having trouble with stitching them together. My whipstitching or ladder stitching isn’t neat enough. Does anyone have some tips or can direct me to a solid tutorial?

I am hooking up to The Needle and Thread Network

See you later!.


3 thoughts on “Mini hexagons….very mini!”

  1. I’d suggest using Inklingo and printing your little hexagons on the fabric and then stitching them with a simple running stitch. It’s much easier, faster and there’s no problem with whipstitches showing!

  2. wow! love the mini hexies! it will take forever to make a king size quilt! — I am still working on my postage stamp project but squares are much simpler to piece together than hexies! I have not heard of inklingo so I might investigate that too.

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