A new technique!

Thanks to Sheila from Nova Scotia, who sent me this beautiful handmade postcard:

IMG_1748Sheila put out a call for a postcard exchange and since it is summer and I have a new machine, I threw my name into the hat! Sheila and I were paired up and she sent me this lovely postcard.  I can’t reveal hers yet, but let me just say that we were on the same wavelength ;).  The theme was flowers.

I have so enjoyed this swap that I have started to make some more, which I reveal when I finish.

Check out what I can do with my machine:

IMG_1755I can write.  It isn’t an embroidery machine but I really like the alphabet stitching.  I am getting rather acquainted with my pfaff and having fun!

Well, summer supper is calling me!

Thanks Sheila!


One thought on “A new technique!”

  1. Glad you like the sunflower postcard , I sure enjoyed making it for you and maybe we will exchange again in the near future. Your machine does lovely stitches!!

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