Garden is growing and the rest of my shopping spree…

So, I will finish up with my shopping spree because a certain lady in Quebec really wants to see:

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 085 So, this is my Lens Mills stash and the pink quilted material is from my sister.  I really like those Singer scissors and they were really cheap! I got some tread at a decent price and yes, some more material!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 087My Mary Maxim haul and a new thimble made of hard rubber and some beautiful cotton threads and some stencils and yet another book, but I can’t reveal it because a certain person can’t know and no, it isn’t you Jen ;).  I really enjoyed Mary Maxim and I really behaved myself there!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 093I had seen Mickey Depre on “The Quilt Show” just before I left and this book was on my list…bought it: check.  So many neat designs! What a different take on hexagons!

I will leave you with a few photos from my garden…the squash are finally budding; sure took awhile but I think they are starting.  I have zuchinni too but nothing has happened there:

squash 2013 budding 002I hope that I have lots and lots!

Here are the beans we had for supper tonight:

squash 2013 budding 005Yum, yum!

I spent quite a bit of time in the garden to get caught up with the weeding.  We don’t have a lot to harvest but we are learning what to do for next year! I had two fresh strawberries too!

squash 2013 budding 004


Unexpected postcard and some new stash!

postcard pizzazz welcome 001

Not a postcard exchange but I joined a yahoo group called “Postcard Pizzzaz” and Shelly from the group welcomed me! Now that I am slowly getting back to life at home and the end of vacation, I have to see if there is a swap to sign up for.  Now how did Shelly know that I LOVE tea? I don’t recall mentioning it but I sure love my tea.  Now what is intresting is that it came in a plastic sleeve:

postcard pizzazz welcome 003Now does anyone know where I can get these plastic sleeves.  I think we pay extra postage if using them but it sure would protect the postcard more.

Thanks so much Shelly!

I am also going to post my stast from my visit to Sew Sisters in Toronto.  I was left ALONE in the store….my husband had to do an errand and he left me to my own devices! Really…..Judy was the one who served me and then there was another Margaret! They were so nice! I won a booby prize, a white shirt and little do they know that it got me inspired and I will be doing something creative with it.  But here is what I bought:

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 095I spoiled myself! Some fatquarters, some interesting FRENCH material, which I think I will use for postcards! 😉 an advent calendar and some gifties…so many goodies! Things I don’t see here!

And the patterns!shop hop and gifts summer 2013 096I love those miniature MODA CANDY kits 2 1/2  inch blocks, so I bought the booklet.  I bought an English paper piecing book and a variety of cute patterns, like the e book reader cover and a few stitchery patterns.  Like I said, I spoiled myself.  Besides, what’s a girl to do when her husband leaves with the car? SHOP!

I am still working on that darned puzzle, but I think that I will wash material tomorrow and make a specific project.

There are still pics to come of my Mary Maxim and Lens Mills buys! ;).  I so did not go into a mall  while on vacation.  We have malls here!


Inspiration from St. Anne de Beaupré

We took my Mother-in-law to St. Anne de Beaupré, near Quebec and of course I had to go down to the small chapel and take some pictures:

st anne 2013 011

Imagine a tablerunner like this?

st anne 2013 015


st anne 2013 005

Love the colours too!

Here are some from the ceiling:

st anne 2013 020

And another; they are all different!

st anne 2013 022

So beautiful!

st anne 2013 034I love the snowflake.

So, look around you and admire what can be reproduced in a quilt!

There are 178 of these little mosaics, each featuring Quebec fauna (which I have blogged about last year I think)

st anne 2013 012

And another one:

st anne 2013 010

I think that I have almost all these mosaics photographed.

I didn’t do anything crafty today.  I did a long run of 30.5kms ( in preparation for an upcoming marathon, so instead worked on a puzzle a sewing puzzle!

sewing puzzle 002

Such fun.  My husband and I have been working on it and it is REALLY relaxing!

Back to some creating tomorrow!

I worked on some postcards and I am so not finished!


I participated in a postcard shop with Sheila.  I already showed her card, but I sent the left one out to her and the one on the right went to my friend Jen.  The one on the right was my model…learning as I go.  The middle of the right one is chenille.  Next time I have to cut the chenille narrower.

I had already exchanged postcards, in 2007, so here is my collection so far:


Aren’t they pretty?

For you Jen, here are a few things that I learned along the way….so far:


Here is the interfacing….quite thick and sturdy and fusible on both sides.  I have no idea what the name is but it is sold by the meter and is under $5 a meter.


I got a plexiglass made: 4 X6 for postcards, easy to trim down the cards before doing the side stitching.

photo(12)Here is the backing….for my model one, I simply ironed material onto freezer paper and put the paper through the printer; after finding that post card template.  For Sheila’s, the top one, I had a backing already made so I used that one.  I like the idea of the freezer paper one.

So? What do you think? I love them and now I am making some more, but can’t show because they are secret.  I will post when receivers get theirs.

The RED box!

Well, during my trip I visited my mother.  She has told me about this box for a few years now and finally, I got to her house and boy was I ever surprised at the contents!

red box 001The contents were from her close friend who died.  Her friend Vera had taken a cruise up to Alaska and she bought all kinds of fabric.  She died before she could use any of it and gave the fabric to me.

Starting with a signed copy of a book about dogsledding.  I used to have my own team and Vera came to visit and met my dogs.  She bought this book and had it signed by Susan Butcher:

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 069Granite, the book and then two kits! One of a view of Coastal Ketchikan, Alaska, the other of Soaring Eagles; complete kits with all the material! Wow!  Notice the other small pieces of panels, a bear and otters.

Meters and meters of fabric!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 060Assorted nature fabrics, eagles, seals, bears, starry skies and assorted animals! Double Wow!

Then there are the packets of nature fatquarters:

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 065Triple Wow! A nice panel too.  The fat quarters seem to be for landscape quilting…oh yeah!

Then there were meters of landscape quilt fabric:

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 063Wow, wow, wow, wow….looks like landscape quilting will be on my neverending list of projects…I even have two landscape quilt books that I bought a few years ago…..meant to be!

Then there are the bits of doodads from my mom and it will take a few of you back to the 70s of quilting….I love it!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 056My mom’s old patterns, made of cardboard with notes and everything.

And the hexagon spirits were with me and that little pattern on the right is here….

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 059In the pattern sleeve, the this hexagon pattern.

And more stuff from my mom and Vera:

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 070Delightful fat quarters and my mom’s quilting thread and it doesn’t break, so still in good condition!  Thanks a lot mom! Much appreciated! I will be sewing till the cows come home! 😉


Lots of goodies from family and myself ;)…

Well, the little summer trip is over :(….I saw my son, two of my five siblings, my mother, a brother-in-law and sister-in-law and two nieces, as well as the little critters, Cici, Boots, Narella and Maggie! I travelled the Niagra escarpment (highways), from Toronto to St. Catherines and Simcoe, over to Kitchener, Guelph, Paris and then up to Owen Sound and down to Orillia.  I ate too much  and laughed a lot! I have a slew of memories and lots of inspiration to draw from.

I came home with this cute little baby…well, not a baby but young.

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 052We call him Bébé Chat and he is about three years old.  My son had three cats and just acquired a dog; living in an apartment, so I adopted this one and my other son, who just moved out adopted another one…I am wondering when Bébe Chat will find my sewing room!  I hope he keeps me company!

I also came home with a full vehicule and in this post, I will show you some gems (to me) from my sister who is downsizing and I just happened along! ;).

First up is a beautiful blue vest that she knitted up for me! I don’t know where she found the time! Thanks Cic!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 082A very sporty vest from some very sporty yarn! Thank you so much Little Sister!

She also had two boxes of new to me stuff! I’m not downsizing yet!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 072Tins!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 074And more tins! Look at the hinged one and the spoolf of thread one! Love them!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 076A new thimble and a quilting stencil! A little box which reminds me of myf father, with hinges…;)

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 078Now lookd at this stack of quilting books! I have already started on the top one…seriously, reading it from the first page! So interesting! I had no idea that scrap quilts were an art! There is a method to the madness of scraps!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 080Now this book I have coveted forever! Every time I am at my sister’s and I need to read in the little girl’s room, I pick this off her shelf.  You know  Cici, you could have kept this for my birthday or Christmas and I would have loved it ;).  Thank you so much!

Thanks for everything! Shewka is really enjoying her new toys too.

Now a preview for tomorrow: The RED BOX!

red box 001The contents of this box will make every quilter’s heart beat fast!  Since this post was so picture laden, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

I had a great time and sitiched quite a few hexagons along the way, not to mention picking up quite a few hexagon paraphernalia!