Lots of goodies from family and myself ;)…

Well, the little summer trip is over :(….I saw my son, two of my five siblings, my mother, a brother-in-law and sister-in-law and two nieces, as well as the little critters, Cici, Boots, Narella and Maggie! I travelled the Niagra escarpment (highways), from Toronto to St. Catherines and Simcoe, over to Kitchener, Guelph, Paris and then up to Owen Sound and down to Orillia.  I ate too much  and laughed a lot! I have a slew of memories and lots of inspiration to draw from.

I came home with this cute little baby…well, not a baby but young.

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 052We call him Bébé Chat and he is about three years old.  My son had three cats and just acquired a dog; living in an apartment, so I adopted this one and my other son, who just moved out adopted another one…I am wondering when Bébe Chat will find my sewing room!  I hope he keeps me company!

I also came home with a full vehicule and in this post, I will show you some gems (to me) from my sister who is downsizing and I just happened along! ;).

First up is a beautiful blue vest that she knitted up for me! I don’t know where she found the time! Thanks Cic!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 082A very sporty vest from some very sporty yarn! Thank you so much Little Sister!

She also had two boxes of new to me stuff! I’m not downsizing yet!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 072Tins!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 074And more tins! Look at the hinged one and the spoolf of thread one! Love them!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 076A new thimble and a quilting stencil! A little box which reminds me of myf father, with hinges…;)

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 078Now lookd at this stack of quilting books! I have already started on the top one…seriously, reading it from the first page! So interesting! I had no idea that scrap quilts were an art! There is a method to the madness of scraps!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 080Now this book I have coveted forever! Every time I am at my sister’s and I need to read in the little girl’s room, I pick this off her shelf.  You know  Cici, you could have kept this for my birthday or Christmas and I would have loved it ;).  Thank you so much!

Thanks for everything! Shewka is really enjoying her new toys too.

Now a preview for tomorrow: The RED BOX!

red box 001The contents of this box will make every quilter’s heart beat fast!  Since this post was so picture laden, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

I had a great time and sitiched quite a few hexagons along the way, not to mention picking up quite a few hexagon paraphernalia!


4 thoughts on “Lots of goodies from family and myself ;)…”

  1. OPEN THE BOX ALREADY!!!!! YOU ARE DRIVING ME NUTTY! Thank you sis for me too cause I know you are so very kind and will let me drool on your stuff 😉 miss ya!

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