The RED box!

Well, during my trip I visited my mother.  She has told me about this box for a few years now and finally, I got to her house and boy was I ever surprised at the contents!

red box 001The contents were from her close friend who died.  Her friend Vera had taken a cruise up to Alaska and she bought all kinds of fabric.  She died before she could use any of it and gave the fabric to me.

Starting with a signed copy of a book about dogsledding.  I used to have my own team and Vera came to visit and met my dogs.  She bought this book and had it signed by Susan Butcher:

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 069Granite, the book and then two kits! One of a view of Coastal Ketchikan, Alaska, the other of Soaring Eagles; complete kits with all the material! Wow!  Notice the other small pieces of panels, a bear and otters.

Meters and meters of fabric!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 060Assorted nature fabrics, eagles, seals, bears, starry skies and assorted animals! Double Wow!

Then there are the packets of nature fatquarters:

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 065Triple Wow! A nice panel too.  The fat quarters seem to be for landscape quilting…oh yeah!

Then there were meters of landscape quilt fabric:

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 063Wow, wow, wow, wow….looks like landscape quilting will be on my neverending list of projects…I even have two landscape quilt books that I bought a few years ago…..meant to be!

Then there are the bits of doodads from my mom and it will take a few of you back to the 70s of quilting….I love it!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 056My mom’s old patterns, made of cardboard with notes and everything.

And the hexagon spirits were with me and that little pattern on the right is here….

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 059In the pattern sleeve, the this hexagon pattern.

And more stuff from my mom and Vera:

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 070Delightful fat quarters and my mom’s quilting thread and it doesn’t break, so still in good condition!  Thanks a lot mom! Much appreciated! I will be sewing till the cows come home! 😉



4 thoughts on “The RED box!”

  1. Amazing Peg! I had to stop and wipe the drool off my desk before I could comment! It is nice that you received the “red box”, I know you will put everything to good use. I tell you the hexes are going to contaminate everyone 😉 have a great day sorting.

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