I worked on some postcards and I am so not finished!


I participated in a postcard shop with Sheila.  I already showed her card, but I sent the left one out to her and the one on the right went to my friend Jen.  The one on the right was my model…learning as I go.  The middle of the right one is chenille.  Next time I have to cut the chenille narrower.

I had already exchanged postcards, in 2007, so here is my collection so far:


Aren’t they pretty?

For you Jen, here are a few things that I learned along the way….so far:


Here is the interfacing….quite thick and sturdy and fusible on both sides.  I have no idea what the name is but it is sold by the meter and is under $5 a meter.


I got a plexiglass made: 4 X6 for postcards, easy to trim down the cards before doing the side stitching.

photo(12)Here is the backing….for my model one, I simply ironed material onto freezer paper and put the paper through the printer; after finding that post card template.  For Sheila’s, the top one, I had a backing already made so I used that one.  I like the idea of the freezer paper one.

So? What do you think? I love them and now I am making some more, but can’t show because they are secret.  I will post when receivers get theirs.


3 thoughts on “I worked on some postcards and I am so not finished!”

  1. So glad you are enjoying making postcards , would love to know what the heavy interfacing is , that is one thing I find challenging is to find something stiff enough , please let me know if you find out the name of the product . Thanks .

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