Inspiration from St. Anne de Beaupré

We took my Mother-in-law to St. Anne de Beaupré, near Quebec and of course I had to go down to the small chapel and take some pictures:

st anne 2013 011

Imagine a tablerunner like this?

st anne 2013 015


st anne 2013 005

Love the colours too!

Here are some from the ceiling:

st anne 2013 020

And another; they are all different!

st anne 2013 022

So beautiful!

st anne 2013 034I love the snowflake.

So, look around you and admire what can be reproduced in a quilt!

There are 178 of these little mosaics, each featuring Quebec fauna (which I have blogged about last year I think)

st anne 2013 012

And another one:

st anne 2013 010

I think that I have almost all these mosaics photographed.

I didn’t do anything crafty today.  I did a long run of 30.5kms ( in preparation for an upcoming marathon, so instead worked on a puzzle a sewing puzzle!

sewing puzzle 002

Such fun.  My husband and I have been working on it and it is REALLY relaxing!

Back to some creating tomorrow!


One thought on “Inspiration from St. Anne de Beaupré”

  1. I love the puzzle, wish I was there I love doing them. I don’t know why we haven’t done one in a long time? We get so busy that we forget the simple pleasures in life, just spending time togerher…..

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