Unexpected postcard and some new stash!

postcard pizzazz welcome 001

Not a postcard exchange but I joined a yahoo group called “Postcard Pizzzaz” and Shelly from the group welcomed me! Now that I am slowly getting back to life at home and the end of vacation, I have to see if there is a swap to sign up for.  Now how did Shelly know that I LOVE tea? I don’t recall mentioning it but I sure love my tea.  Now what is intresting is that it came in a plastic sleeve:

postcard pizzazz welcome 003Now does anyone know where I can get these plastic sleeves.  I think we pay extra postage if using them but it sure would protect the postcard more.

Thanks so much Shelly!

I am also going to post my stast from my visit to Sew Sisters in Toronto.  I was left ALONE in the store….my husband had to do an errand and he left me to my own devices! Really…..Judy was the one who served me and then there was another Margaret! They were so nice! I won a booby prize, a white shirt and little do they know that it got me inspired and I will be doing something creative with it.  But here is what I bought:

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 095I spoiled myself! Some fatquarters, some interesting FRENCH material, which I think I will use for postcards! 😉 an advent calendar and some gifties…so many goodies! Things I don’t see here!

And the patterns!shop hop and gifts summer 2013 096I love those miniature MODA CANDY kits 2 1/2  inch blocks, so I bought the booklet.  I bought an English paper piecing book and a variety of cute patterns, like the e book reader cover and a few stitchery patterns.  Like I said, I spoiled myself.  Besides, what’s a girl to do when her husband leaves with the car? SHOP!

I am still working on that darned puzzle, but I think that I will wash material tomorrow and make a specific project.

There are still pics to come of my Mary Maxim and Lens Mills buys! ;).  I so did not go into a mall  while on vacation.  We have malls here!



2 thoughts on “Unexpected postcard and some new stash!”

  1. NEW English paper piecing? That I have got to see! I love the buttons! I keep looking at them on peoples blogs and so wanted to collect some. I have never seen them in any stores I been too. Nice buys girl.

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