Garden is growing and the rest of my shopping spree…

So, I will finish up with my shopping spree because a certain lady in Quebec really wants to see:

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 085 So, this is my Lens Mills stash and the pink quilted material is from my sister.  I really like those Singer scissors and they were really cheap! I got some tread at a decent price and yes, some more material!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 087My Mary Maxim haul and a new thimble made of hard rubber and some beautiful cotton threads and some stencils and yet another book, but I can’t reveal it because a certain person can’t know and no, it isn’t you Jen ;).  I really enjoyed Mary Maxim and I really behaved myself there!

shop hop and gifts summer 2013 093I had seen Mickey Depre on “The Quilt Show” just before I left and this book was on my list…bought it: check.  So many neat designs! What a different take on hexagons!

I will leave you with a few photos from my garden…the squash are finally budding; sure took awhile but I think they are starting.  I have zuchinni too but nothing has happened there:

squash 2013 budding 002I hope that I have lots and lots!

Here are the beans we had for supper tonight:

squash 2013 budding 005Yum, yum!

I spent quite a bit of time in the garden to get caught up with the weeding.  We don’t have a lot to harvest but we are learning what to do for next year! I had two fresh strawberries too!

squash 2013 budding 004


One thought on “Garden is growing and the rest of my shopping spree…”

  1. You said you were good? I think you bought Ontario out! 🙂 just treasing, I’m so glad you had a good time. I’m very happy that you are having so much fun with your garden.

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