Wow! Gone, gone, gone I’ve been gone so long!

Well let’s see if I can recoup my losses! In my defence, between running a marathon, a half marathon and now on a running streak, not to mention work….Peggy has been a very lady!   I have been creative and have taken a liking to postcards! Here are a few that I have made:

Here is my “Birthday” series:


I made a few of these for ladies in my postcard pizazz group.

My “Bonjour” series:


I made a mistake on the top one and made a new one but not exactly like the bottom one …. I was playing with the placement.  I preferred the top one. Can anyone see the error in the top one?  It is now in my collections because I didn’t send it out.

Well, I will be back! I have stuff to show you all!