Design wall Monday

A friend gave me 80 pf these blocks. Her aunt had passed away and had this quilt in progress. I love that it is blue. It is on my design wall but I don’t feel like tackling it right now. This evening I am working on some postcards that I promised to send out quite awhile ago.

I need to find my creative balance. To start will be to finish various projects.


No time like the present!


Back to blogging! Truthfully, I am finding it hard to blog on my ipad which I use everyday. I also like to read blogs but since Google closed down their feeds I haven’t found a feed to suit me. Still looking. If you know of a good blogreader where I can save and categorize feeds on the ipad I would be grateful.

Now onto some news. I have been very busy…physically, running everday for the last eighty something days, swimming and now snowshoeing.

Here are this year’s christmas cards. I learned about postcards this summer and decided to make some for my family and close friends:


I also participated in a birthday postcard swap and here are some of the ones I have received….plus one from my best friend Jen:


Some christmas postcards from friends! Aren’t they cute and festive?


I also made this one as a thank you card and I was so surprised at how easy it is to machine applique and get amazing results!


I also made yet another thread-holder pin cushion as a chistmas gift swap at my guild:


Now I am plotting and pondering my projects. I just cleaned my sewing room so ready and raring to go!