Cold and Conundrums!


Yep…in the heart of the Canadian deepfreeze!

Here is my conundrum and it is sewing-related.


I want to add photos to a placemat and whwn I go to test-wash them, the colour all leaves or they fade away! Every transfer I used (3) said that they were washable! What am I doing wrong. The more I think about projects that I want to do with pictures, the more discouraged I am. Any ideas?


10 thoughts on “Cold and Conundrums!”

  1. Sorry, I can’t help you with the photo transfer. My printer was never able to take the fabric so I could never do any.
    As for the braid on my blog, I just took some fabrics from the stash and gave it a go. I hope to see some braids on your blog. Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment. It’s way too cold here in TO too. Great day to stay in a sew.

  2. Love your fabric for the placemats. We did a t-shirt years ago, but it was a black and white photo and the fade was not as noticeable. What about asking a print shop? They may have some ideas.

  3. It was super cold that night…my van sure whined when I started it for work at 11:30 p.m. I went out on my break just to warm it up for a few minutes. How disappointing about the transfers…I bought some to do some pillows for my mom…just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  4. Wow! That’s cold! Here we have 41F and it is raining and raining! I read in the newspaper that if we had got the rain as snow it would have been more than 1meter snow. It has been raining for two weeks now, it is enough! But I think I like it better than 37F! 🙂 Can you go out when it is that cold? The coldest I can remember is “only” -17F. It is good to have fabric to play with when it is that cold. Happy new year from Marit

  5. It is in celcius Marit. They close the schools at -40 and lower and I did run the other day at -31 ;)…but no wind. Wow for your rain! You are supposed to have snow in your country! Yes, it is fun to play in my sewing space when it is cold! I loved looking at your pictures of your big sons home for Christmas and taking over the living room to play their video games!

  6. Have you ever considered using Transfer Artist Paper by Leslie Riley to transfer photos or any image?

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