New Year, New Project

friendship circle start 004

Friendship Circles….actually there are many other names but that is the name we found and it reflects my friend Jen’s and our friendship.  They are a take off of the Double Wedding ring, using hexagons, triangles and rectangles.

Here is the pattern and the PLAN!

friendship circle start 006

The left picture is where we got our inspiration from Q is for Quilting…a woman named Martha who really likes vintage! Check out her site, so many early 20s, 30s etc patterns on her site.

We resized the pattern to make 3-inch hexagons.  We are going to do embroidery inside the hexagons and use scraps…this is what I am going to make my first rectangles from:

friendship circle start 005Yep, that is the plan…Most of it will be handpieced and I am just a beginner….if any of you have any ideas of what order to piece this together please let me know…I am having a major problem with the trangles, set in part…I have one perfect point and the others…well, let’s just say that I need PRACTICE!  My friend Jen has become quite the handpiecer so I will be following in her footsteps!

Cleaning my sewing room…organizing yet again!


4 thoughts on “New Year, New Project”

  1. I love your pin cushion, I don’t think I have ever seen that one. I’m going for clear bleu for my triangles, I hope it will look nice. I through the rules out and cut them without testing…:) so me eh. If I don’t like it I can always use them in other WIP’s 😉

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