New Year and New Sewing Room Organization!


sewing room 1

My cutting talble used to be in the middle of the floor, lengthwise with my sewing table on the end with the cupboards….I live this set up much better…..the little talbe to the right will be moved…it is a desk which I don’t want to part with because it is very useful for a second sewing table.

Here is the sewing station, for now…I saved the vanity from the bathroom renovations so it will replace this set up..but I really like the placement and space to work:

sewing room 2In the meantime I am going to put a shelf to the left of the table so that I can put my reference holder.

And here is the rocking chair, the place to sit and applique and embroider and hand piece 😉

sewing room 3I am a teacher so behind my rocking chair is my desk for school and such, computer etc.  I am happy with my new little set up…so much more spacious with splitting up the sewing machine and cutting table.

Tonight I have a guild meeting and I hope to be inspired!

I am linking up with the Needle and Thread Network 

I am waiting on my material for the friendship circle:

friendship circle start 004



9 thoughts on “New Year and New Sewing Room Organization!”

  1. what a great room! I don’t dare show my sewing room right now as it is a disaster… but then again, it is a work in progress maybe if I can get some reorganizing done, it would be a good subject for work in progress!

  2. Mine was a disaster too…tripping over everything and my friend came over and we were both tripping, although she would never admit it because she is a creative sort and there was space to create…now I can mess it up and at the same time, organize according to how I work! I love my room…it is spacious, although I would like to organize it to cut out the clutter….oh well…I’ll have to take a visit to your blog soon!

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