Hexies and Blocks

I have been pulling out my hexies in idle tv time and continued to fill my container:

hexies and freiend 001My little kit is always ready for me, wherever and whenever!

I also have a friend, ALWAYS in my chair. Pye seems to like to be squished next to me.  He also likes to put his chin up on my lap table:

hexies and freiend 002Now, can you guess what this block represents.  It is a test block but I will continue the blocks.  I’ll post them and when someone can guess what I am doing, I will reveal! Thinking caps creative bloggers!

first book block 001By the way, it is a 10 inch perfect block ;), done with paperpieceing.  I love going through my scrap bag.

Any ideas?

I am linking up to The Needlework and Thread Network.  WIPs I have a few and they do!


9 thoughts on “Hexies and Blocks”

  1. Wow! we sure do have similar thoughts! I too have a hexie project — infact it has been in progress at least 3 years now! And I did not imagine what the block was, so being a bit of a cheat, when I visited yesterday there were no comments, so I came back today to see if someone else had got it! And is PYE named after Pyewacket, of Bell, Book, and Candle movie fame?

  2. Hi there Susan, :)…yes Pye is short for Pyewacket and named after the Siamese cat in Bell, book and Candle. He of course is not a siamese but he was my dad’s cat and when my dad passed, I took him and he is attached to me…in fact, sometimes I am sure he is my father’s eyes. My family has always had siamese cats and their names were Pyewacket and Nicodemus. Yes, books, I am making shelves of books until I get enough of them.

  3. Hi Peg. Love your hexie project, and your new book project, too. Tigger says hi to Pye. We have another much younger tabby in the house now, too. A baby Tigger if you will. He’s very active, but loves to help with my quilting, too. Actually, more trouble than help, if you know what I mean.

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