Landscape quilting here I come!

I took the first workshop and worked on getting my pattern drawn:


The process is interesting and I am learning a lot, tracing onto the vinyl:


And here on the very lightweight cotton:


I kind of feel like an artist when it is on the material. This week my goal. Is to make the pattern pieces for the boat.

I am linking up to The Needle and Thread Network. It has been far too long since I have been wandering!


Sewing table Monday!


I am doing something other than quilting….sewing a skirt! I haven’t sewn for so long so have to organize beside my quilting!

Tomorrow I have a landscape quilting workshop. I can’t wait! I have been wanting to do this technique for quite awhile. Here is the picture that I chose and that the teacher played:


Cheerio! Stay tuned for an update on my landscaping?

Yes, I am still here!

photo 1-4

Our guild made baby quilts for the hospital this year and this is the one that I donated. I hope that it is given to a baby around Easter.  These will be for the preemies.

Here is the back:

photo 2-1

I have been busy, if not I would be here but I am going to make a big effort to get back in here and do something with my blog.  I do so much blog surfing and sort of get overwhelmed by everything that everyone is doing.  I am creating but not fast.

HEXAGONS seem to be my mainstay.  If I have a few minutes then I make hexagons. I have love all the sizes and I have invested in these Fiskers punches:

photo 1-5

I really love the half-inch one but the 1/4 inch ones are my faves.  Alas there is no 1/4 inch punch so I ordered 1400 of them ;).

I am involved in a monthly-themed swap and here are the latest.  I swap the 1 inch ones but in the pictures I show what I have done during the month:

IMG_4682These were for my batiks swap and I had made a lot of scrappy 1/2 inch ones for myself.

Here is my autumn swap:

hexagons autumn

So, back to creating!