At an impasse so will take a break..

This is on my design wall and I want it off, so getting it done. I have other projects to get to. I started this in the spring and it is growing on me and I can see the final result but it seems so disorderly as a process.


It kind of looks like postcards.

Here is from the other side:


I had put this aside and now I feel like I am diving back into it!


I have been working on other things…a variety:


The makings of a doll…almost finished.

Since it is Tuesday I am linking up to The Needle and Thread Network.


2 thoughts on “At an impasse so will take a break..”

  1. I know how you feel-some things hang around a bit too long don’t they! Good for you for tackling it. Since we’re both in Quebec, I’m going to ask where you are! I’m in Dunham, as the name of my blog shows!

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