On the late train but Westerners might not know it ;)


I wanted to have a post ready to start the day but.  Welcome you all to my blog as your are wandering Canada for the Sew Sisters blogothon!

Sew Sisters Blog

I am in Quebec, north of Quebec city.  I belong to a thriving quilt guild and members win national and international competitions so it is motivating to know that someday this little quilter could enter a show.

It is also motivating to meet other Quebec Quilt bloggers: Josée at the Charming Needle and Janet from  Caribou Crossing Chronicles. 

Here are some of my projects that I am working on.  I have too many UFOs and since I am in education, PHDs!


I have gotten into the postcard craze and hope to be making some for 2015!


I love the little sewing projects and here is one that I have made at least 5 times; they make great gifts!


messy cupboards

Fabric stashing is one of my favourite hobbies! Those top shelves have since been organized!

fabric folding tutorial 027


june 14 hexies again 001


june 14 hexies again 003

I can’t get enough of them and whenever I sit I hex!

april 16 001

I’ve tried my hand at handquilting! LOVE IT!


Embroidery and quilting go together like tea and cookies! I love Australian Stitcheries and all their magazines.  Totally addicted!


I also dabble in cross stitch and this gem will be hung up soon.

In order to quilt and craft and work and LIVE I am a runner!

peg in action

In the sun or in the snow,

After 13km long run
After 13km long run

Being active makes let me do everything else!

What is better than relaxing and stitching!

Thank you for visiting! I love bloghopping so if you leave a comment I will jog on over to visit you too!

Thanks Sew Sisters for doing the blogothon!


6 thoughts on “On the late train but Westerners might not know it ;)”

  1. Nice work. You’re correct, I do not notice the post as being late, just reading your blog while I wait for dinner to cook here in Alberta ☺

  2. First time blog hopper going thru Canada seeing and reading lots from talented quilters. I like your stash organization. Someday mine will be organized maybe. I too have a lot of UFOs. Greetings from Bismarck ND, USA. I don’t write a blog, not yet anyway.

  3. Hi! I am visiting on Blogathon Canada. It’s so nice to read about you and see all your projects. Your fabric is very nicely organized! 🙂

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