Piecing is finally finished…

…but might go back and change that double orange in that there row.


Yes it is a busy quilt and not something that I usually do. It is called “Overlapping Tiles” by Kaffe Fasset. I took a workshop and brought the pile of matching fat quarters that were required, not really knowing what or how the end product would be. I think that some of the prints should have been fussy cut but there is a system of cutting for this pattern. It has been sitting in my design wall since March. Now I can talk back my design wall.

However, I need to choose the border, binding and backing. I will probably use a print nature fabric for the backing BUT I’m in a quandary for a border. I originally thought of a 3-4 inch border in brown.


Then I thought of simply no border because it is already so busy. I thought of that bright green for the binding. Any ideas?


I am linking up to The Needle & Thread Network. I need me some inspiration!


5 thoughts on “Piecing is finally finished…”

  1. I really am not sure about the green, how about just bind it with the “crackled” brown? I think that would be simple and bring it all together. Really not sure about the green…would have to see it beside your quilt. Looks really nice all together.

  2. I agree with the previous post. Maybe you could take a picture of the bindings beside the quilt. Though I am leaning towards the brown. From the photo it seems there is quite a bit of beige and browns throughout. Love the bright colours and had to look a couple of times to take in the layering.Really interesting quilt. Looks challenging! Congratulations on a finished top!

  3. Even though I like a final, usually dark-toned border to give the eye a place to rest and a place for the quilt to end and also be framed, I think no border is best here. Let the busy-ness just flow on off the quilt! Otherwise I like the dark crackle brown, on the left. I replied to you on my blog, as you come up as a no-reply blogger. (probably the whole blogger not talking to wordpress “thang”!

  4. I love the idea of the background fabric continuing to the quilt edge… my vote would be blue… Beautiful quilt! It looks huge! And NO do not change that double orange… these make the quilt sing… a happy circumstance! Congrats!

  5. Love the quilt! I would just bind the edge in the blue, and let it be a modern looking quilt. Congratulations on your finish! It feels great to get things off the ufo list doesn’t it?!! LOL!

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