Creativity Happenings and Endeavours!

It is the end of the session at school and that means exams for my students, but that also means that no more planning and prepping, just corrections, so my brain is in 110% creative mode; doing, planning and dreaming!

Here is my Joie de coeur: an advent calendar! My friend Jen gave me an early birthday gift. It is precious!




Each mitten is hand spun on a spindle. The wool was dyed and if I am not mistaken, fresh from the sheep! She says tat they are not perfect but give me a break! These will become Christmas heirlooms. I am astounded at the time my Jen put into them! Thank you Jen. I will showcase one a day this month!



I am doing Brandi’s snowflake postcards and here is one. I made the whole snowflake and then cut it into two. If I make another one, which I will, I will make the centre thinner. I had made it thinner but undid it because I thought that it was too thin. I redid it bit ended up cutting in half.

I will leave you with this image because I want to blog about it tomorrow. I have embarked on another quilt, with a twist:



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