This and that between Christmas and New Years

I received my snowflake postcards from Terry and Anita:


Thank you ladies! I would like to exchange postcards in 2015 so if you are interested in exchanging please let me know!

I did my monthly hexagon count;


Not as many as usual but hey, my hexies are fillers and to do in between projects and I did have a busy December! Now look closely at the top of the picture…yes a wooden caddy ;). What quilter, crafter cannot resist caddies and containers. It matches a floor standing one I have (perfect beside my sewing machine.


And my collection of kona fabric…each time I receive a shipment I receive an inspiration photo…I post it. I am such a visual person!


Well time to work on my Grand Illusions!


It’s my birthday…

…and I’ll hang three if I want to, three if I want to, three if I want to… 😉


Jen made me three mittens because she didn’t like how they were turning out so I am hanging all three. I am partial to the blue one though.

Yesterday I hosted a gingerbread house party:




Such fun! It has been a few years since I stopped doing this but I had a special request. I think that my mil had the most fun!

December 20 and Christmas is almost here!


Over the last month I have been collecting sequins and confetti. It all started with my fabric snowflake postcard. I have found quite a bit at the local Dollarama and the local craft store had some festive ones. Yesterday I went to the store in the college and wow, they had the perfect “gift box” confetti ( in the little round containers). I was trying to figure out how to organize this newest obsession and looked up….my husband had brought these plastic containers home during the summer. I kept them. Now they are fulfilling their purpose.


The plan for these is too use them in my postcards.



Now to finish cleaning the house because I am expecting a houseful of children and adults…to make gingerbread houses! They are ready to be built…Miniature houses.